Summer Offer

Princess® Filler - £200 (1ml)

This is always a popular offer and we have been seeing some fantastic results with this product.

Princess® Filler is a universal filler with a soft, mouldable gel feel. It is ideal for a range of aesthetic treatments including the correction of moderate facial wrinkles and lines, as well as enhancing lip volume. 

Princess® Filler creates a natural look with long lasting correction.

Offer valid 17th May - 26th August 2019


Models Required

Make a great saving on your treatment

This is a great opportunity for clients to get heavily discounted treatment in exchange for consent to use your before & after photos in a clinic portfolio and for online promotional material.

Give Kelly a call to arrange a suitable date. 

Treatments will be advanced techniques utilising both cannula and needle methods.

I will be offering this for many of the treatments we offer within our clinic. I will need to screen you medically prior to treatment and full payment will be taken before the appointment.

I need:

  • 3 models for cheek augmentation 1-2ml Ellanse or HA depending on the clients needs (usually £350) £200
  • 3 models for Lips - 1ml HA filler (usually £275) £175
  • 3 models for Naso-labial folds (usually £250) £150
  • Plasmage upper eyes (usually £475) £200 (aftercare pack - £20 extra)
  • Plasmage lower eyes (usually £475) £200 (aftercare pack - £20 extra)
  • Plasmage - combined upper & lower eyes (usually £800) £400  (aftercare pack - extra £20)
  • Hands - 1ml Ellanse (usually £400) £250
  • Profhilo Face & Neck - 3 syringes - course of two treatments over 8 weeks (usually £1800) £1100
  • Profhilo - Neck and decollete - 3 syringes - course of two treatments over 8 weeks (usually £1800) £1100

Text Kelly 07793737859 and we will get you booked in!

First come first served.

We will need to ask you to return to clinic a few weeks after your treatment to take your 'after' pictures once healing is complete.

Toxin treatment not included as it's illegal to offer incentives for prescription medications!!


New Client Offer

20% off your 1st treatment at FYF Faversham & Thanet

New clients booking at either Faversham or Thanet can enjoy a 20% discount* off their 1st treatment.  This is a fantastic offer, so why not take a look around the website at some of the treatments available.  

*Offer excludes Toxin treatments and Bridal Packages - We are unable to offer discounts or incentives on prescription only medicines.

If you have any questions about FYF Thanet or the treatments we offer, please don't hesitate to ask.

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