About Kelly

Committed to Quality

My name is Kelly Costello. I am the proud owner and founder of Fill Your Face Aesthetics located in Faversham, Kent. I trained as an aesthetic nurse practitioner with the UK’s leading provider of cosmetic training in Harley Street, London. I am both a registered prescribing nurse and previously a midwife with over 18 years experience within the medical profession.

My philosophy on aesthetic nursing and anti ageing treatments:-

“dedication to providing the most appropriate treatment to my clients at competitive prices”


“honesty is the best policy.”

My creative eye and attention to detail will not only ensure your needs are met but that you are left with natural looking enhancements.  Fill Your Face Aesthetics recognises that every individual has unique requirements and on this basis, I will create a treatment plan especially for you.

Fill Your Face is always evolving. My aim is to always provide my clients with the very best, safest and most cost-effective aesthetic treatments available in the market.

Professional Experience and Training You Can Trust

I have completed the V300 nurse prescribing course, as I do not find it acceptable that the consultation and treatment for my clients would be performed by different individuals.   I strongly believe if aesthetic nursing is to be taken seriously, then Independent Nurse Prescribers is the professional standard we should be aiming for.

Continuity of care is at the centre of my nursing principles.  I take a keen interest in how the industry is improving regulation standards.  I am a member of the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group (ACE) and I have recently become Save Face Accredited which is a Professional Standards Authority accredited register and is recognised by the Government, The Department of Health and NHS England. 

Virtually all my clients are returns, (some even travel from mainland Europe) and new clients generally come via 'word of mouth' recommendation.  I take pride in my work and I will turn clients away if I cannot achieve what they desire!  I believe the most difficult part of my job is managing expectations… most of my clients will tell you… it's not unusual to hear Kelly say  "I work with a needle, not a wand m' dear”  of course, always said with a huge smile, warm humour and often a hug.... helps to relax my clients.

Motivation and inspiration for assisting people to look and feel beautiful

Fill Your Face was founded in 2009 when a close friend of mine started looking for anti-wrinkle treatments and after researching clinics and practitioners, we weren’t feeling very inspired at what we found available locally. With this in mind, I decided that I wanted to create something very special, with a unique edge to it. I began looking at courses to allow me to provide treatments to help individuals look and feel beautiful.  My aim was to create a business around the aesthetic beauty concept, that provided an honest foundation and one that was client centred.  I became so passionate about aesthetic nursing that I took the tough decision to resign from my midwifery post within the NHS shortly after. 

The journey into aesthetic nursing is one that I have enjoyed immensely and I wouldn’t change a minute of it. 

About Piroska

Piroska Cavell Bsc Hons PGDip.

Piroska began her career as a make-up artist and beauty therapist. Little did she realise how important her studies of facial anatomy would be to her in later life!

She undertook a career change becoming a Registered Midwife in 2010 and remains a registered midwife with her own YouTube channel ‘Midwife Dave’ a nickname given to her by her colleagues, who struggled with the pronunciation of her name.

As her career progressed she gained a teaching qualification and PG Diploma in Obesity and Weight Management and became an Aesthetic Practitioner in 2015.  Piroska is about to start her nurse prescribing course in the New Year too.  Although she continues to practise as a midwife she has made the move to join Kelly at Fill Your Face, to offer a wider range of services to her existing very happy clients and devote more time to meeting new clients.

She is passionate about improving individuals confidence as a result of aesthetic treatments or nutritional counselling. 

In her spare time she loves lifting weights and enjoying great times with her family.