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IV Drip Therapy

What is it?

The substances used within Intravenous Vitamin therapy are Vitamins, minerals and water otherwise classifies as “essential nutrients” These are essential for life, however they nutrients that the body is not able to synthesize on its own, traditionally they were food we ingest, but modern times has seen modified and over processed food groups, leaving many of us deficient in these essential nutrients. By supporting the replacement of these levels, by infusing these essential nutrients under the correct medical professional, you are able to restore your body to its peak fitness and maximum energy performance.

How will it benefit me?

Lots of us take a vitamin supplement everyday which is of benefit to us, but clinical studies have shown that introducing these supplement straight into achieves higher and far more effective concentrations than when taken orally. A deficiency in vitamins or minerals can lead to a cascade of health problems and in your general wellbeing, such as poor hair, skin and nails, extreme tiredness and fatigue amounts many others. IVNT can support various conditions such as migraines, depression and stress.

Is it safe?

Understandably the first thing clients ask is is intravenous nutrition therapy (IVNT) safe? The answer to that is yes if you select your clients for the treatment after a thorough consultation with a medical practitioner. All of the intravenous protocols have been thoroughly researched and developed by a team of leading medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and nutritionists. The Intravenous infusions and Intra muscular boosts have been formulated to ensure maximum benefit with minimal side effects.

Who can have it?

Male or Female, young or old, short or tall ,active lifestyle or busy work life, each person is unique and so will there nutritional requirements. The only exclusion is pregnant and breastfeeding women or those known to have an allergy to any of the ingredients.

What IV should I have?

We offer 3 methods of delivery of the treatment and this generally is dictated by the type of nutrients to be delivered. We can provide a intra muscular injection, and intravenous push which is a slow delivery over about 12-15 mins, this requires cannulation of the vein. Or we can put up an intravenous drip which generally takes between 30-45 mins to infuse, whilst you can read a book or chatter to me, we can even combine the treatment whilst you are having something else at the clinic if you wish.


The Menu

Classic Meyers

This tends to be the most well heard of, it was developed in the 1950,s by Dr john Meyers hence becoming the Meyers cocktail. It the original IVNT and contains a blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a well being boost and also benefits from assisting with a detox. This is great one for replenishing essential nutrients, giving you an energy kick and assisting with a detox. Prices from £150.

Vitamin B12 Boost

Vitamin B12 booster shot is extremely popular as it offers a range of health benefits particularly to our skin, eyes, hair and nails as well as the supporting the nervous system. This treatment is offered as intramuscular injection. Prices from £50.

Immunity Booster IV Drip

This IV helps to reduce free radical damage and oxidative stress by blending a cocktail of vitamins that help to boost your immune response, it also benefits you by increasing your energy levels. Price from £200.

Athletic/Sport IV Drip

If you have an active lifestyle and enjoy sports, this IV drip will help you to sustain your energy levels and boost you to assist you to improve your performance. It can also help to shorten recovery times between exercise sessions.

The Anti Ageing IV Drip

The one drip I suspect most of my clients will be drawn to, this drip is designed to restore collage and stimulate elastin production, brighten the skin, even the skin tone along with hydrating and rejuvenating.

Energy Booster

A real energy improving IV drip, an intense blend of high octane energy lifting vitamins, includes a higher dose of of the B than in any other of the drips so really provides an energy level boost. Higher doses of magnesium and some taurine will give you increased levels of energy and wellbeing. The perfect pick me up drip.

The Relax IV Drip

The chill out drip designed to calm your body and your mind, the blend of nutrients come together to offer the ultimate “drip &chill”. This drip will improve your overall well being and your mind will be clearer and calmer.

Diet & Detox IV Drip

This drip has been created to assist in weight loss programmes, by combining vitamins, minerals and amino acids your toxic load is able to be reduced and your body is able to create its highest ability to burn off stubborn body fat whilst supporting your energy levels.